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Eggs benaddicted


Eggs benaddicted was opened in order to bring fresh delicious and rich breakfasts. Our goal is to provide the best experience with the best quality of food and coffee. 

We come every morning to bake our homemade breads and pastries. We try to find a breakfast for everyone and we have Mediterranean options next to our classic Eggs benaddicted.

We hope to see you soon!

Team Eggs Benaddicted 


Designing Egg Benaddicted interior was a unique opportunity for me. The location brought me back to my first years in Amsterdam; Partying in the squatted hotel that used to be next door ; Modelling for the painter Dr. Rob Polak across the gracht meanwhile listening to Brahms…

In this design, my aim was to catch the prinsengracht vibe and to allow space and time to fuse stories together. The furnitures's collection process was attentive where most of the items I bought directly from private people and families across the country.

One set of chairs is from the 30th and used in a waiting room of a children's dentist while another 70's set came from an old hippie lady that had to clear her attic...

Within this chairs & tables composition I wished to marge memories and experiences of shared moments of comfort.

Interior design: Yehudit Mizrahi Dar
Photography: Dana van Leeuwen